Romatti production has been operating since 2005.
We have enormous experience experience in implementing large-scale projects. During this period, we have produced exclusive lighting equipment for such well-known companies as:
Novikov Group
Maison Dellos
Harley Davidson
Le meridian
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светильники для adidas
светильники для кидзании
светильники для магазина Остин
светильники для отеля азимут
сеть коворкингов Workki
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Luminaires for commercial projects
Customization of mass-production lighting fixtures. Offering the pilot samples, so our customers can see the product and make additional adjustments for the final product.
Unique handmade samples
The production of original lamps according to individual projects is done manually. This is the only way to get truly exclusive things that are out of time and fashion trends.
Sketching design and 3D models development
You propose your ideas, and we bring them to life. Our engineers carry out the development of sketches and 3D models of luminaires, and calculate the total cost.
Original lighting fixtures are made of certified materials, so they do not lose their quality for a long time. Our products are resistant to mechanical damage and aggressive environmental influences. The warranty is good for 12 months after the date of the purchase of the product.


Floor lamp TWELVE by Romatti Floor lamp TWELVE by Romatti
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Lighting equipment manufacturing

Lighting equipment manufacturing according to individual sketches is carried out by using only certified materials. Romatti products are pleasing to the eye, and perfectly cope with their functions for many years.

Every new project is an unordinary approach to the lighting systems. Romatti team is always open to participation in complex design projects and ready to perform non-standard tasks.